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As a business, Beleza School Uniforms, was the key successful factor whose achievements became the tipping point in the growth of Beleza Group. We are a humble Australian owned family business, founded in 1985 by Ken Leongue with the first store opening in the South-Eastern suburbs of Victoria and it has since expanded with another 25 campus and fully owned stores to cover Victoria and large parts of the Eastern Coast of Australia. Beleza School Uniforms supply to over 350 schools across Australia, catering to a diverse range of schools, their students and families.

Beleza School Uniforms  operates under vertically integrated supply model for all school uniform needs, providing an arguably endless range for the best quality at the best price all year round. Our goal is to provide our schools and students with school uniforms that accurately represent the school’s core values and identity.

Our local and global suppliers are ethical and environmentally sustainable (production of goods), with strict quality control to ensure the best quality, and so that we remain competitive and innovative.

Beleza School Uniforms also partners with many non-profit organisations across Victoria to assist families who are experiencing financial disadvantages with school uniforms.  One of our main partners is State School's Relief which is primarily based in Victoria.  Our aim is to give back to the community as we grow nationally.

Since 1985, our mission statement remains as: “enhance students’ learning experience by taking away their uniform headaches”.


o   Consistent positive customer experience

o   Value for money

o   Unrivalled quality and service

o   Reliable and consistent supply


Beleza School Uniforms